I’ve dedicated a new section of my site to future predictions, sounds a little weird I know.. but if the way I believe things are heading pan out, it may be a nice future reference 😉

So this category of future predictions is really here because of this first post.

The first prediction is that with the advancements of quantum computing, and I mean true quantum computing, or even biological, that it will be possible in the distant future for everything past and present to be precisely mapped, and all appear in the simplest of forms.

Much in the way that google maps now allows us to view over the entire globe and see into peoples back gardens and walk down their street from the other side of the globe. If we had said that to our ancestors a few hundred years ago they would have perceived us as gods.

In the future I believe quantum computing advancements will some day allow us to look back into the past at every single persons life in immaculate detail, especially throughout today’s world and onwards where everything is logged digitally from what we’ve bought at the supermarket, where we’ve been with the gps and every single thing we’ve typed, miss typed and posted on the web even to mapping our exact personalities and feelings with a build up of social interactions and ‘digital psychology’

This will allow people to map us, yes us, and the entire human population precisely. Allowing them to produce a quantum biography on anyone they may of found led an interesting life. No longer will history only remember those who logged their great lives with biased stories, or from what we can build up from ancient scripts and markings. Now every single person throughout time will have an entire bio available through a quick quantum computer search, and were already working on it every day. Every email you send, every text message, every facebook status or tweet!. It’s all building our quantum biography.

This will probably even become a new form of TV or pass time like big brother, delving into the lives a few who have lead a remarkable journey. Or even used in history lessons, making use of mapping everyones biogs together to work on questions like why the recession really happened, or even how we evolve.

Through quantum computing this would be a simple and quick search. Much like google map.

This will be another step forward into what I believe will become a ‘forced’ open and honest world thanks to echoing the web world.

So time will tell, and if someones reading this in my future quantum bio.. hi 🙂 stay positive, and remember where it was wrote first.