More reasons the big ‘Alien’ announcement is coming very soon!

Here I go again sounding like the nutjob in the basement with his tinfoil hat. But hopefully one day we may all look back at this blog and I can say ‘told you so’. Either that or ‘he really was a loon’.

Since my blog post in 2014 ‘8 reasons the government will soon announce alien contact’ where I discussed how we are being eased in slowly to the idea of Alien life (like the Chinese proverb of boiling a lobster in the pot) it now seems my theory is picking up traction as predicted, and the goverment are helping it snowball along the way.

The amount of UFO sightings, suspicious cut NASA live feeds, hobby astronomer UFO images etc has increased tenfold since my original article.

But more importantly… for a long long time NASA has not stopped the press to make big announcements, until recently that is. In September 2015 they did just that, announcing evidence of water on Mars. Now today they’ve turned up the boiling tempo even more as NASA announce 1,284 new exo planets discovered that could hold lifeDoubling the previous amount known!

However I get the incling that the pace of announcements has picked up considerably compared to its previous gradual drip feed. Rather than staged announcements to ease us in, it seems like they are now being carefully rushed out. Whether this may be due to immanent global disaster as Graham Hancocks book ‘Magicians of the Gods‘ suggests strong evidence towards (yes logical and archaeological based evidence, not tin foil hat evidence) who knows. 

Either way it seems we have picked up pace towards the inevitable finalé! I estimate we will now be fully boiled for the big announcement by 2023, only time will tell.

Captain nutzorg ‘told ya so’ signing out.

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The Internet revolution & future of humanity

It’s frustrating that having an intellectual opinion on war puts you in the metaphoric gunfire of the public sheep majority who still unwittingly support these so called hero’s.

Here we are in a world where resources are unlimited yet there is poverty and deprivation caused by a society based around money. Money; a concept if lead back to its source is a fictional entity which can be invented as and when the ‘economy’ requires it. Where trillions can be funded to get banks out of debt but the people in society still have to live with their own debt (promoted by the same banks). At the same time we have to raise money for the starving by dropping a coin from our own pocket into a charity box! Yet this is fine.. because everyone goes about their daily business surrounded by distractions, because this is life, it’s just the way it is.


But the internet has the power to change this deluded bubble we are stuck in. Slowly yet surely, and it has already begun. Knowledge and open communication is finally in the hands of us, the people. Exposing the corrupt governments, incorrect history lessons and giving everyone their own voice.

It won’t be a quick fix revolution, as those at the top have probably already predicted this forthcoming, it will be messy but eventually truth will prevail. After the mess and false promises from the goverments attempt at providing their own form of retribution, eventually good people will combine to create a better world. Eventually.

Currently our army’s are well funded but consist of the bottom 10% of our high school classes, the products of a lack of affection and education. The new world army will be ran by volunteers for an army of good, to rebuild.

EVERYONE is born with their own interest and skill sets, there are those that hate maths but love art and then those that are complete opposites, there is a person for everything, some love cleaning, some love healing others, some love farming… everything! So everyone can get to do what they enjoy and find their job role in the new world.

At this point society will be much like that discussed in the Venus project ( and I believe with the addition of different social sectors who have their own interests and rules, all of which can be left to their own devices as long as it is not detrimental to another social sector.

It sounds so simple, so simple it could easily be mistaken for being stupid or even impossible. But when you dig deep into the truth, the real truth behind the world then this is possible, even today and has been since the beginning of time. All we need now is our mindsets and the zeitgeist to alter accordingly. But this does take time. Ghandi said ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’ and I wish I could, but in this case it requires global compliance and a shift in world wide mentality. So until then I will have to go about life as normal, working to buy produce and to give to charity.

One day the world will look back at us as we do upon those in the dark ages. Our revolution will be thanks to the internet. We are here amidst the start of the new beginning, we are it’s catalysts.

Gopro Hero3 Dog Mount Harness

After looking everywhere for a decent dog mount harness.. I failed to find one! So decided to make one myself. It may not look amazing but it’s stable and a lot comfier, more practical and gets better shots than the few I did find for sale when scouring the web.

You will need

– the original plastic base plate that your hero was fitted to the top of it’s box with
– 1 dog harness
– 1 old plastic buckle collar
– 1 or 2 sponges
– a dog coat
– super glue
– a gopro and a dog

What to do

1) Cut slots big enough for your old collar to fit through in either side of the plastic base plate


2) Cut the collar in half and fix to either side of the base plate by looping through and using super glue


Remove the original plastic buckle clips from the harness and loop through the other end of the collars (now fixed to either side of your base plate) to the harness. So one side can clip on and off using the collars buckle clip


– Use strong tape to secure the base plate to the sponge (or 2 if needed) for stability and comfort


Then your done! Put the new harness on first then use a coat with a slit in the back to go over the top and make sure that everything is secured in place.

55 66

Now you get a camera view just behind your dogs head to show everything they are looking at with a much better view than the hanging collar cameras that show the floor most of the time!

The result..