Lot’s of people had been asking how they can track where I am on the day. First off I was looking for tracking devices, and plenty of things like the apple watch, garmin and strava offer this but they all require connection to a mobile (which your not aloud on the day)

Eventually I found out Iron Man actually provider a tracker app which works from the timing chip (to be worn on left ankle and does all the automated timing as you go)

Although all events are not on the actual app (on the app store) however they are all on the website which performs the same function.

So how to track..

Visit ironman.com

From the menu select Races

Choose the selected Race

On race day there will be a big red ‘Athlete Tracker’ button

Then enter the race number at the top.

Note : Apparently it is not a live GPS location however does pick up from certain points along the way and estimates your location based on this, although speaking to past entrants they have said it is pretty bang on with accuracy.