Recently made the papers after helping set up what was dubbed as ‘A pioneering project with the police’ The first of its kind.

As founder of it has always been about keeping modified and car fenatics legal by attending legal shows, track days and quarter miles. The police contacted us as part of this to help educate the younger members on the importance of road safety.

We ran a road safety evening at bar sport where designated drivers got free drinks and I provided raffle prizes from VIBE audio. The night showed a crash demo video to everyone and also raised £70 for charity making the papers in the express and star (see below

Quoted by inspector Matt Derrick – Staffordshire Police
It has been a pleasure to work with you and thank you for your efforts in bringing the Police and Car Cruising fraternity closer together. I am confident that in years to come there are many people who will benefit greatly from our and particularly your work and effort in the relationship and hopefully many people who otherwise might not have been with us will never realise that you saved their lives. Strong stuff I know but those are the kind of consequences we are dealing with.

Road safety evening - david whitehouse