Here I am in week 8 of training! Week 7 was a complete wash out due to catching a dose of the man flu. During that time, I felt there’s no way I can do anything. Now looking back I’m annoyed at myself for not at least trying! Although I managed to finish the week easing myself back in with a short ride on the turbo trainer and then my longest run to date of 9 mile on Saturday which I’m pleased with.

Now into week 8 and the UK has been hit with Storm Emma aka ‘The beast from the east’ – I read somewhere that Iron Men are made in winter and this has definitely rung true this week with a 5 mile run in -6 degrees snow and another 2.5 mile run this morning in a blizzard.

Typically a great week for my new bike to arrive too, a nice shiny new bike sitting in the garage and no chance of riding it in this weather! Although exciting all the same! So now I’m just looking forward to Emma sodding off so I can give it a whirl along with the Garmin 550.

I also bought some light weight wheels (which cost more than half the price of the bike!). Matt at Run and Ride was helpful as ever and advised not to put the new wheels on until the summer and the salt is off the roads as firstly I don’t want to ruin them before the race but second I’ll feel a lot faster training on the heavy standard ones then switching to an instant upgrade.

My aero bars are still waiting to be delivered so I’m going back to have a proper bike fit too when they turn up.

I’m supposed to be doing 10 mile this Sat but will see how deep the snow is as it’s looking pretty crazy outside tonight and apparently getting worse over the weekend.

My swims going OK but still not feeling very fast, I think mainly due to my breathing technique is terrible so Sam is putting some ‘bubble bubble’ breathing drills into my plan for next week.

Onwards and upwards!