Here I go again sounding like the nutjob in the basement with his tinfoil hat. But hopefully one day we may all look back at this blog and I can say ‘told you so’. Either that or ‘he really was a loon’.

Since my blog post in 2014 ‘8 reasons the government will soon announce alien contact’ where I discussed how we are being eased in slowly to the idea of Alien life (like the Chinese proverb of boiling a lobster in the pot) it now seems my theory is picking up traction as predicted, and the goverment are helping it snowball along the way.

The amount of UFO sightings, suspicious cut NASA live feeds, hobby astronomer UFO images etc has increased tenfold since my original article.

But more importantly… for a long long time NASA has not stopped the press to make big announcements, until recently that is. In September 2015 they did just that, announcing evidence of water on Mars. Now today they’ve turned up the boiling tempo even more as NASA announce 1,284 new exo planets discovered that could hold lifeDoubling the previous amount known!

However I get the incling that the pace of announcements has picked up considerably compared to its previous gradual drip feed. Rather than staged announcements to ease us in, it seems like they are now being carefully rushed out. Whether this may be due to immanent global disaster as Graham Hancocks book ‘Magicians of the Gods‘ suggests strong evidence towards (yes logical and archaeological based evidence, not tin foil hat evidence) who knows.

Either way it seems we have picked up pace towards the inevitable finalé! I estimate we will now be fully boiled for the big announcement by 2023, only time will tell.

Captain nutzorg ‘told ya so’ signing out.