With google recently being accused of criminal intent, Facebook facing slander over privacy, the fcc getting involved with net goings on and not forgetting the recent wars between adobe, apple, google and patent wars too.. it seems the whole nets gone legal mad.

We never had this 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago. But now the late net boom has hit and the general public is flooding our internet geek haven.. I think we need to ask ourself is it coincidence that all this is happening now, now every man and his dog is on the net via mobile or home, when the geeks ruled alone we all went along happily. We never used to care about Facebook privacy before our aunt mildred and girlfriends nan were watching our every move.

And now the ‘regular’ human race populate the web more and more, the more it becomes like the wrecked world we live in where a burglar can sue a civilian for breaking his leg whilst robbing your home, where people moan about privacy and ‘being offended’ blah blah blah.

If a man put an offensive photo of obamas wife in a public high street… would you blame the High street?, whereas when someone put it on google and it got into their image search… google got blamed.

This is either going to go one of 2 ways.. the net will become more and more bogged down by laws and regular peoples shite and we will be dragged down with them. Or we will will drag the regular population up to our open standards (let’s hope) we’ve already had the ‘twitter effect’ on the uk election, googles effect on the great firewall of china.. so let’s hope it’s the latter!