After looking everywhere for a decent dog mount harness.. I failed to find one! So decided to make one myself. It may not look amazing but it’s stable and a lot comfier, more practical and gets better shots than the few I did find for sale when scouring the web.

You will need

– the original plastic base plate that your hero was fitted to the top of it’s box with
– 1 dog harness
– 1 old plastic buckle collar
– 1 or 2 sponges
– a dog coat
– super glue
– a gopro and a dog

What to do

1) Cut slots big enough for your old collar to fit through in either side of the plastic base plate


2) Cut the collar in half and fix to either side of the base plate by looping through and using super glue


Remove the original plastic buckle clips from the harness and loop through the other end of the collars (now fixed to either side of your base plate) to the harness. So one side can clip on and off using the collars buckle clip


– Use strong tape to secure the base plate to the sponge (or 2 if needed) for stability and comfort


Then your done! Put the new harness on first then use a coat with a slit in the back to go over the top and make sure that everything is secured in place.

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Now you get a camera view just behind your dogs head to show everything they are looking at with a much better view than the hanging collar cameras that show the floor most of the time!

The result..