Wake up society

What kind of a world are we living in where a guy has to fight to see his own child!? Where if a guy has a problem with a service.. he has to ring a number wait in a queue to be fobbed off by morons? Where layabouts get paid for by the hard workers, and the hard workers get taxed for roads that are full of pot holes. Where the bottom 10% of our high school class (if their not busy answering my calls) are convinced to fight and die in wars decided by fat old men in comfortable warm offices. The people who decide all these rules are more interested on where their next wage is coming from and how they can control us rather than whats best for us. And the whole nation this is manifested in is based on a make believe religion fighting with another make believe religion both packed with retarded traditions and striking fear into people. – Rant for the day. Wake up society.

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