Vote for us crazy bunnies in Thorntons Competition

Well me and my chum at VIBE (listed in the competition as ‘colin’ as we thought it suited the image) were waltzing our merry way through town yesterday when we spotted a large cardboard cut out of bunnies with holes to put your head in.. so without wasting a second we stuck our heads in and took a photo.

Only to find out after it was in aid of Thorntons stores new online marketing campaign for easter to upload your photos and vote online (very clever Thorntons btw.. as a web designer I love the idea to get people onto the website from the streets)

Soooo we entered, got accepted! and our mongy style photo is now pride of place in their gallery here

If we win we will be donating the prize to B’ham Children’s Hospital.. as we only did it for a laugh not for the prize!

PLEASE VOTE US 5 CARROTS here now – It runs until Monday 5th April 2010

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